Hoi An ancient town – Full of characters

Before my trip to Vietnam, I spent my time by searching which destinations I should go in Vietnam and Hoi An ancient town is one of the answers which appeared in the top on travel forums and websites. It was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage with an invaluable historical heritage treasure. It pushed me to go and have real experience there and today I would like to share some interesting points of Hoi an.

The first point which impresses me much is Chua Cau (Japanese bridge) – the unique wooden bridge with the hallmark of cultural exchanging among Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese. visitors coming from Japan has been showing high interest in this bridge as they can understand more about their forefather’s history and their forefather’s cooperation with Vietnamese. There are statues of a pair of monkeys and a pair of dogs guarded on different side of the bridge entrance. The locals there shared me some interesting tales around the statues, such as the bridge building started right in the year of Monkey and completed in the year of Dog; Japan’s emperors were born in the years of the Dog and Monkey. These stories really drew me much!

The second interesting point is its local specialties, like “banhbao”, banhvac and rice chicken along Hoi An street. I really love Cao Lau which is said that its origin from Chinese but Hoianian put the specialty into this dish which we cannot find anywhere.

Last but not least, it is the beauty of Hoi An ancient town at night. It is amazing. Thanks to Eviva Tour Vietnam – a professional travel agency in Vietnam suggested me going Hoi an on 14 th of lunar month, I had a great chance to enjoy one special night with colorful lights and lamps along every lane.

With the above points, Hoi An is truly worth to visit ( a worthy place to visit). I really want to come back there.

Importance of using the Proper Shipping Boxes

As you more than likely know there are many different types of shipping boxes and to ensure that your products or gifts arrive in the best condition, you need to use the proper shipping boxes for the items. When you use the wrong size boxes you may not be protecting your products as they can shift around in the box and can be damaged during the trip. Of course, you can use other shipping equipment such as insulation to help protect the products or gifts.

All businesses use a variety of shipping boxes to ship their products. If you have ever paid attention to the boxes they use, you will easily be able to see that the boxes are designed perfectly to ensure the products you order arrive in the best condition. You may order homemade jelly, chocolates, laptops, refrigerators, chairs and jewelry. If you have never paid much attention to the boxes these companies are using, then it is time to pay close attention, especially if you want to protect items that you ship to family and friends. Of course, if you are a business, the boxes you choose are of the utmost importance unless you want dissatisfied customers.

If you are providing free shipping to your customers, of course you wish to save as much as you possibly can on the process and may wish to purchase the cheapest boxes available. The one thing to remember is that if you are going with cheap boxes, you should ensure that the boxes will properly protect the products so your customers will receive the product as it was when it left your company.

Of course, cheap shipping boxes can be used as long as they can withstand the shipping process and you use enough cushioning to protect the items inside. You can choose from a variety of packaging items including shredded paper, Styrofoam, nylon pieces, and bubble wrap to ensure the product arrives safely to your customers or to your family and friends. Of course if you are shipping food products such as fruit, vegetables, or frozen items you will want to choose a wet lock packaging option and place in a well insulated box.

When in doubt of the type of custom boxes Toronto you should use for your products or gifts it is best to talk with the experts as a shipping company. This way they will provide you with professional advice to ensure the items you ship will arrive in the best possible condition. Using the wrong boxes can lead to damaged items that may be irreplaceable especially if you are sending gifts or precious family heirlooms.

Top honeymoon destinations in Vietnam

Phu Quoc IslandVietnam is gaining its popularity as a top honeymoon destination. This exotic country is boasting with paradise-like places that cannot but attract the lovebirds during their best month in life. Except for palm trees and coconut cocktails, there are many honeymoon destinations in Vietnam that will attract unusual couples who like to hike, climb mountains and swim in the waterfalls. In this article we will list different spots for honeymoon in Vietnam that will appeal to everyone.

  • Mui Ne Beach. Let’s start with the most famous beach in Vietnam. It was once a little inhabited beach but its beauty couldn’t be ignored for a long time, so it was changed into a vast resort where people from all over the world enjoy kms of golden sand and clear water. The locals call it “the adrenalin capital” as there are numerous activities one can enjoy. Windsurfing, scuba diving and even ski-diving are at the lowest prices here and are proved to be safe for everyone. Mui Ne Beach has many hidden places like beautiful gardens, lagoons and countless romantic activities that include a dinner on a real ship, long trip thought the jungles and Vietnamese dancing nights.
  • Dalat is known in Vietnam as a “little Paris”. Established in 1858 by Swiss geologist it was constructed according to a French taste. This is the place for adventurous souls. If you want to enjoy Vietnam history and culture, there is probably no better place to go. Beautiful temples, impressive natural resorts are combined with a great number of golf and tennis resorts. Dalat is the city of luxurious restaurants, most of which are said to be the best in the country. This city attracts a lot of Vietnamese couples that come here during the “moon season”. This is the time when you can enjoin real lifetime show when tens of Vietnamese couples are getting married in a traditional way. Apart from all of the above mentioned, Dalat is a great place of sightseeing and hiking, here you can enjoy beautiful lakes, high waterfalls and endless forests with incredible wildlife.
  • Phu Quoc Island. This is the island of peaceful tropical relaxation. Truly Vietnamese place with long beaches, turquoise waters, warm wind and little beach houses. The majority of the island is covered by the national park that preserves its unique beauty and wildlife. If you decide to pick Phu Quoc Island as your honeymoon destination, you will get the top accommodation, cultural experience and paradise-like vacation. The island has an access to the nearby attractions you can try by ordering a tour that takes you all the way and back to your hotel. The land is open year round, but the high season comes to November – March. Altogether the weather is pretty cool, so you won’t need to worry about air conditioning. You can walk the streets and enjoy untouched environment with delicious food and incredible music.
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Visit The Most Beautiful Waterfall Of Vietnam: The Ban Gioc

Geographical Location

Ban Gioc falls which is also known as Detian falls is a two waterfall divide located in Daxin County on the Chinese side and in the district of Trung Khanh on the Vietnam side. The Ban Gioc waterfall crosses the boundary between China and Vietnam and joins with the Banyue waterfall in Vietnam.

People flock to Cao Bang to visit the breath-taking Ban Gioc waterfall. Located about 80kilometres to the North of Cao Bang, these majestic falls flows down from the Quy Xuan River which approximately measures 53metres high and 300metres in wide. This combination of falls isalso termed as the Detian and Banyue falls along the Vietnam and China boarder. Falling down carbon rocks, these falls forms a rainbow during sunny days from a reflection of sunlight from the water falling down the cliff. Option to visit the Ban Gioc waterfalls on foot is perhaps one of the best ways to explore and soak in the scenery and beauty of the falls during your travel in Vietnam.

Ban GiocDimensional Specifications And Characteristics

It is the largest waterfall in the Asian continent and among the largest of waterfalls divided by a national boarder; Ban Gioc covers approximately 200 meters in width and an estimated elevation of 70 meters. Beneath this amazing fall is a deep and quiet pool covering an area of 200 meters in width and over 30 meters deep, its waters rushes down a triple stepped cliff and is divided into three sub-waterfalls by rocks and trees. The whirling sound of falling water is eventually swallowed by the dead silent pool downstream.

Seasonal Characteristics Of The Waterfall

The waterfall’s scenery changes considerably in all the four seasons: spring, autumn, summer and winter. Each season brings about substantial change in appearance and the volume flow rate of water. Below is a detailed description of notable changes over the seasons.

Winter – There is much less rains and the water level drops considerably bringing about slow movement of water down the cliffs, thus the volumetric flow rate drops and there is less noticeable noise from the fall.

Summer – This season brings about additional volume of water, the level and the speed of flow rises. The flow is powerful and whirling sound can be heard from far distances, during this time, the waterfall scenery is covered by mist arising from fast falling waters.

Autumn – The region slightly changes in appearance as there is no much water to help the plantation surrounding the waterfall to blossom, the green vegetation turn color from green to golden-yellow coloration, during this season, most physical characteristics are evident and this is best season to visit and survey the hidden features during other seasons.

Spring – During this season, the plantations around the waterfall begins to blossom and this is evident from the flowering of the plants, the blooming continues and this marks the beginning of a new cycle of seasonal changes to come along.

This unique characteristic of the Ban Gioc waterfall in the seasons makes it the most attractive site in Vietnam all the year round.


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What Is A Home Based Travel Agent

When traveling, whether for business or for pleasure, you can still enjoy the benefits of Fengshui. You might have even noticed that you enjoy your travel more (or less) when you travel to certain places that are in one direction. Maybe you find that you enjoy travel equally well, but more so to some places than others. For some, Asia might hold greater attraction, and for others, it might be Europe. Here are some ideas to enhance your travel Fengshui — including how to tell which is the right “shui” for you!

Determining FengShui Travel Directions

Unlike sitting and sleeping directions, determining travel Fengshui directions that are auspicious or inauspicious is based on where you are traveling from, rather than where you are traveling to. Say for instance that you are an east group person living in Dallas and you are traveling to Los Angeles. You would say that looking from Los Angeles you will be coming from the east. This is a good direction for an east-group person, but not for a west group person.

Ideally, East group people want to travel from the EAST and West group people want to travel from the WEST. (Are you an east or west person? East people have kua numbers 1, 3, 4, & 9. West group people have kua numbers 5, 2, 6, 7, & 8). Find out your kua number here.

When FengShui Directions Matter

FengShui travel matters most when you are moving to a new residence, state, or country. It also matters when traveling as a family and you are from different groups. In this case, the east group person travels first. It also is a consideration when you are traveling for work. When you travel as a family, the children would fly or travel according to the mother’s good directions, if possible.

In the case of the west group person flying to Los Angeles, some practitioners recommend making detours, such as flying from Dallas to Miami and then to Los Angeles for the west group person. However, this just isn’t practical. Instead, concentrate on facing your good directions in meetings, etc., once you have arrived at your destination. If a detour is possible, such as when you are driving somewhere, then take it if you can.

The following are “rituals” that you may want to try the next time you are traveling. These are part of symbolic Fengshui and are not rituals that conflict with religious beliefs. The rituals are designed to correspond to the elements of the particular direction you are traveling in.

Los Angeles

Pleasure Travel Going TOWARD the following directions

For travel to the South: Drink one glass of water or wash your hands before leaving the house.

For travel to the SW or NE: Swipe the air with a branch from a tree or bush in the direction of travel. Do this three times.

For travel in the W or NW: Light a candle (red is best) or some incense, pointing them in the direction of your travel.

For travel in the E or SE: Ring a bell six or seven times in the direction you are traveling just before you leave.

For travel in the N: Put dirt in a small cup and throw it in the direction of north. You can also point a quartz crystal in this direction.

Business Travel Rituals for Going TOWARD the following directions For travel to the South: Wave a branch with leaves and that has been tied with red thread in the air three times before starting out. This is to ensure good travel luck and good business relations.

For travel to the SW or NE: Light a candle or some incense and hold it up in the direction you are heading as you are packing and about to leave.

For travel in the W or NW: Throw dirt or sand in the direction of travel as you leave the house.

For travel in the E or SE: Throw water in these directions as you leave the house.

For travel in the N: Ring a bell three times as you are leaving. Ring it in the north direction.

Protective Travel Rituals for Going Toward the following directions

Sometimes even the best-planned trip goes awry. For that reason, you may wish to employ a protective ritual when you travel to help safeguard you are your family and to help remove problems and keep them from occurring while you are on your journey.

For travel to the South: Throw water in the south direction three times.

For travel to the E: Wave a knife in the air three times.

For travel in the W: Light three pieces of incense or candles while you are packing.

For travel in the N: Throw earth or sand in the direction you will be traveling.

Author Bio: Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter FengShui E-zine and certified Fengshui consultant in classical Chinese Fengshui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with Fengshui.


6 Amazing destinations must visit in New York once in life

The States has more to offer than just its landscapes and stunningly beautiful sceneries. Yes of course, the modern technological thrills and the creativity enthralling in all the corners, New York is one of the most popular tourist attractions. People visit this city to get a journey of America’s past and study its steady yet fast transition into one of the superpowers of the world. Well, if you are not a citizen of the States, you hardly get one or two trips here for vacation purposes.

In New York, casinos are revolving as the best place to have more fun and entertainment for modern players and it has wide collection of casino games. And it has become one of the fastest destinations where people in New York gather to have instant game access. Try to find the free video games and choose the one that really offers wide offers and bonus for you.

New York City
So here we get you 6 destinations that if visited, will give you a life time experience of learning and fun.

1. Statue of Liberty:

Statue of Liberty, as the name suggests is the symbol of freedom of the people of USA. Located in the center of the city harbour, this statue is a neoclassical sculpture that was gifted to the people of USA by the people of France. The statue depicts the goddess of freedom with a torch in one hand and a tablet with the America’s Independence Day inscribed on it. The Statue of Liberty is indeed one of the striking monuments in the whole of USA.

2. Empire State Building:

The Empire State building located in Middletown Manhattan is one of the tallest free standing structures in America, going up to a height of almost 1200 ft. The building goes to 103 storeys. Built and completed in 1940s, the Empire State building is the tallest in New York and has been called as the cultural icon of the city, along with the title of modern wonder of the world. Truly, it is worth visiting for its design and observatory atop.

3. Museum Of National History:

The Museum Of National History attracts almost 5 million visitors annually, and making it one of the most visited museums in the nation. The museum was established in 1869 and is now one of the world’s most popular and celebrated museums. With an inter connection of 27 buildings and 45 exhibition halls to display thousands of specimens and artefacts, the museum gives you an opportunity to explore the history of not just America, but the whole mankind too.

4. Times Square:

The Great White Way, The Crossroads of World- these names are enough to explain what tourists and common people think about this place called Times Square. It is located at a walking distance from the Central Park. One of the busiest pedestrian plazas in the world, the Times Square attracts almost 350 000 people daily out of which mostly are tourists.

5. Central Park:

The Central Park is one of the most visited urban parks in the whole of the nation. Completed in 1873, this park has been an amazing inspiration for various sketch artists and painters over the years. Beautiful landscape with an amazingly peaceful environment, this park doesn’t fail to impress anyone at all.

6. Ellis Island Immigration Centre:

Ellis Island Immigration Centre, as the name suggests is an immigration museum that houses the documents and check documents of various immigrants who arrived to USA. This was the immigrant check center till the year 1954 after which it was converted to a museum.
Well, of course there are more, with the infamous 9/11 memorial where people visit to offer their respect and prayers to the victims of September 11 attacks.
Opportunity for Once!

If you are going to the states or are already there and planning to the visit the city, don’t miss these destinations and discover a whole new side of fun here. And for those of you still waiting and planning, apply for the USA visa for permanent settle in New York. After all, you need to experience these and feel the fun this city has to offer!

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