10 Popular Buddhist attractions in Nepal


Nepal is a land of spirituality. Being home to a number of ancient temples and monasteries, it is a popular pilgrimage place for both Hindus and Buddhists. Nepal is also the birth pace of Lord Buddha and Lumbini is one of the most popular place in Nepal being exactly the place where Buddha was born. King Ashoka constructed pillars dedicated to the Lord. On your Nepal visit, here are the list of ten tourist attractions that you must see to experience spirituality.

Ashoka Stupas

The Ashoka stupas are the most remarkable feature of the city of Patan and are not constructed according the Buddhist architecture. Built toward the end of 4th century, it has a circular base and hemispherical dome. Among the four stupas, the southern stupa is the largest measuring 47.40 m in diameter and 11.80 m in height. There are also eastern, western and northern stupas.

“Bihars” The Buddhist courtyards

Kathmandu is a well known Buddhist repository and has the largest conglomeration of viharas which bears testimony to Buddhist art. A baha consists of a courtyard enclosed by cells with the main shrine situated opposite the main entrance.

Bodhnath Stupa

One of the largest and holiest stupa in Nepal, Bodhnath stupa is the center of Tibetan culture in Kathmandu. Built in 14th century, it looks like a giant mandala with four of the Dhyani Buddhas marking the cardinal point and fifth enshrined in the center. the stupa is surrounded by an irregular 16-sided wall and the base features three large platforms.


Swayambhunath stupa is the most important Buddhist temple in Nepal and located on the top of a hill in the Kathmandu valley. About 365 ancient stairs lead you to the steep forested hill side and directly to the temple. You can also drive to the hill if you don’t want to walk. There are numerous other shrines located around the main stupa which were constructed by various kings and Lamas. The eyes of Buddha is drawn on the temple wall and has become an important symbol of Nepal.

Rato (Red) Machhindranath Temple

One of the oldest temples in Kathmandu dating back to 16th century, it is located in Patan Durbar square. The temple is dedicated to god of rains revered among Hindus as the reincarnation of Shiva and Avalokiteshvara in Buddhists. Four gates of the temple are guarded by by two lion figures and the four corners of the temple are guarded by a demonic figure. It is constructed in Shikhara style of architecture.

Rudra Varna Mahavihar

Located in Lalitpur, it is one of the most beautiful and oldest monasteries in Nepal. The courtyard of the monastery is like an art gallery with a number of stone and bronze art works. All these monasteries are believed to be built during 250 AD when Buddhism was said to be making a headway in the Kathmandu valley.

Mahabuddha temple

Situated in the heart of kathmandu valley, this 500 years old temple is the treasure chest of Nepalese art and craft. A great pilgrimage place for Buddhists, it is often referred to as the ‘temple of a thousand Buddhas’ because every brick is engraved with a Buddha image.

Chabahil – Stupa

The fourth largest stupa in Kathmandi, it was built by Charumati, the daughter of king Ashoka but the structure has been rebuilt several times since then, most recently being in the year 2002. the surrounding courtyard has some wonderful Chaityas from Laichavi period and the spire of the stupa consists of pure brass.

Gorakhnath Cave and Ashura Cave

Gorakhnath cave is an important religious place for Hindus and carved out of a solid rock. It was named after the sage Gorakh whose blessings inspired King Prithvi Narayan Shah to unify Nepal.
Asura cave is located above the village of Pharping near Kathmandu and also known as the ‘Upper cave of Yangleshö’.


Being the birth place of Lord Buddha, the city of Lumbini holds a sacred place among both Hindus and Buddhists. It is undoubtedly a treasure chest of ancient ruins and antiques which dates back to pre-Christian era. Lumbini attracts many travelers including backpackers, pilgrims and spiritual seekers who come here to learn about the ancient past. During the times of Buddha, it was described as a beautiful garden and still holds the same charm. It is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage destination.

Nepal is an important pilgrimage place for Buddhists and if you are an spiritual sort then a trip to this remarkable land is a must! You can check various Nepal travel packages and even customize one according to your requirements. You will definitely love the peace and tranquility of the Nepal travel experience.

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10 Popular Buddhist attractions in Nepal  



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