5 customs you should know about before visiting Vietnam


For many of us a trip to exotic and beautiful Vietnam is the holiday of a lifetime. Whether you’re going for a short period or if you’re travelling about over a period of time, it’s best to understand some of the Vietnamese customs for your trip.

Vietnam is a wonderful country but one that in some ways is vastly different from the West. So, getting to grips with some of the differences Vietnamese traditional dressbefore you go ensures that your trip goes right as rain.

Conservative Clothing

The Vietnamese are a very conservative people and are very modest about how they dress, so tourists should try and avoid showing too much flesh. It’s certainly appropriately to dress in light clothing, just try to avoid plunging necklines and high hemlines. If you are visiting a temple of pagoda, this should be taken even more heed of – cover as much skin as you can and show respect.


The same is very true of wealth. Try and show as little wealth as possible as in Vietnam, flaunting money and material goods is seen as impolite. Avoid wearing too much gold and don’t carry more money than you will need. There are two reasons for this, you may be mugged and if not you will just be considered to be someone with too much money and not enough sense – not the way many of us want to be perceived.

The War

Stay away from talking about the Vietnam War, especially if you are an American. The Vietnamese are understandably adverse to talking about the war in an idle context, so try not to mention it.

‘Lose Face’

In Eastern Asia the concept of saving face is very important and embarrassing another party is something that is severely frowned upon. Avoid any behaviour that could be seen as causing this sort of offence. As a tourist this may mean avoiding forcing money on to people you buy goods from, insisting aggressively on something or losing your temper in a public arena. It is best to remain calm and cool in public.


We all love taking photos on our holidays, however not everyone wants to be part of your lifelong photo collection, so ask before you take a photo. This is especially important to remember when in rural areas and even more-so the case in government buildings or near military bases.

Vietnam is a wonderful country and one that the luckiest get to visit. So, just follow the aforementioned advice and enjoy this wonderful place.

Author Bio: Cormac Reynolds is interested in Vietnam travel and he also writes for http://www.dubaishortstay.com