5 Things You Can’t Go Traveling Without

The thought and planning that goes into travelling can be extensive, as well as exciting. Deciding where to go, what sights to visit, how to get there, when to jet off and when (if ever) you will be coming back home are all things that need to be thought through and planned. We can put so much time into organising the little details of our trip, that we sometimes forget the most obvious things we need to plan. Here’s a checklist of 5 things you cannot go travelling without; however in-depth your itinerary may be.

1. Passport

We had to put the most obvious one first, as you’re really not going anywhere without this. It’s not just that you have to remember to pop your passport in your hand luggage; you also need to check when it is due to expire. Let’s say you’re planning on travelling the world for a year, but your passport runs out in 6 months, you’re going to need a new one! Some countries won’t let you through the border if you have less than a few months on your passport, so bear this in mind before you set off. There are passport offices located around the UK for you to renew or replace, such as a passport office in Durham for those that are North East based. Find your local office and get up to date, quickly!

2. Travel Insurance

Technically you could go travelling without insurance, but what if something were to happen? It’s not just to cover you for illness or injury, travel insurance also covers you for items that may get lost or stolen. Those who have stayed in hostels before will know that your stuff isn’t 100% secure all of the time, and there’s been many a traveller story of things going missing. Make sure you’re fully protected for any eventuality.

3. Backpack

No traveller is complete without their backpack! If you’re feeling risky then you can get backpacks or rucksacks that fit within hand luggage rules, meaning you can take it on the plane with you. We say this is risky because it means you will be able to bring very few things with you. However, if you like the idea of washing your only t-shirt in the Ganges then this is the option for you. Those who want to bring more stuff should go and try out backpacks in the shop, to get a good feel of what is comfortable on them.

4. Camera

You can’t travel around the world and not have photographic evidence; its traveller blasphemy. Invest in a compact, but good quality, camera that you can take with you everywhere you go. Every time you get to an internet cafe make sure you upload the photos you already have to a cloud server, your e-mail or Facebook. This makes sure that none of the photos you take get lost, whether because the camera is stolen or because you drop it!

5. First Aid Kit

This is one essential piece of travelling kit that so many people forget to take with them, because they think it is unnecessary. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can do with a first aid kit; from patching up a hole in your bag to comforting a sprained ankle. Ensure you have the basics with you, such as bandages and antiseptic wipes, along with some painkillers, antihistamines and a needle and thread.

Five very different things, all that are a vital part of the traveller’s kit. Have you taken anything travelling with you that you would recommend to everyone else? Is there one item that you swear by having in your backpack? Let us know and share your travelling wisdom.

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