Air Mekong


Air Mekong Introduction :


Business Registration Number: 1700581270 issued by Planning and Investment Department of Kien Giang Province

Hamlet 3, Village 7, An Thoi Town, Phu Quoc Island, Kiên Giang Province, Vietnam

Description of Services:

Air passenger transport; Air cargo transport; Services directly supporting air transport; Hotel; Tourism…

Legal Representative:
Mr. Doan Quoc Viet – Chairman & CEO

Hanoi Branch:
3rd Floor, Serena Tower, 51 Xuan Dieu Str, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam


Special service request is a request (called as SSR) that could be immediately confirmed (accepted or refused) according to the availability of services at the ramp or onboard the aircraft, including:

1.  Special meal service (SPML) offers special meals onboard for religious, medical or diet reasons.

2.  Meet and assist service (MAAS) picks up and assists elderly passengers.

3.  Blind passenger service (BLND) offers to passenger meeting difficulties in seeing, including
a) Accompanied blind passenger
b) Unaccompanied blind passenger

4.  Deaf passenger service (DEAF) offers to passenger meeting difficulties in hearing, including:
a) Accompanied deaf passenger
b) Unaccompanied deaf passenger

5.  Pregnant passenger service (PREG)

6. Leg-rest service (the right/left or both- LEGR/LEGL/LEGB) offers to medical passenger one or two seats in a full casts for his leg.

7. Wheelchair service (WCHR/WCHS/WCHC) assists incapable or medical passenger who meet difficulties to make own way, including:
a) Wheelchairs for Ramp (WCHR) offers passenger who can ascend/descend steps and make own way to/from cabin seat, but requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft across ramp.
b) Wheelchair for Steps (WCHS) offers passengers who cannot ascend/descend steps, but is able to make own way to/from cabin seat, requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft and must be carried up/down steps.
c) Wheelchair for Cabin (WCHC) offers to passenger who is completely immobile. He requires wheelchair to/from aircraft and must be carried up/down steps and to/from cabin seat. (this device is accompanied to individual aircraft).

8.Conditions for flying with infant: According to Air Mekong’s regulations, the total number of infant under 2 years old to be allowed on board is 10. Passengers with children who are refused to be on board can contact the flight control unit for more information at 043.718.6529 or Air Mekong will contact those passengers within 24 hours from the booking time.




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