Best Beaches in the North East U.S.


If you’re visiting the North East U.S. during the summer months the heat can tend to kill your enthusiasm. The humidity leaves you sweaty and hot. No amount of hotel air conditioning or room service can satisfy your beach cravings.

If in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, or Washington, DC, then there are plenty of chances to cool off at these not too distant coastal beaches.

Before visiting any beaches makes sure you pack your bathing suits, sunscreen, towels, and sunglasses. You don’t want to be the person trying to swim in under garments. You need to protect your skin and eyes. If you don’t have a pair of sunglasses or lost them already on the trip, you might want to view options here to grab a new pair.

   1.      Nantucket, MA

Some American beaches are lined with boardwalks and amusement parks, while others are located on coastal islands that offer the solitude and serenity needed to relax after traveling.

If you’re overwhelmed and overheated in Boston, then a 1-2 hour trip east to Cape Cod we’ll help you relax during your travels. You could lay out at one of the countless beaches throughout the Cape area or even venture far enough to hop a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket.

In one hour the ferry drops you off on the docks of an exclusive northeast island. On Nantucket you can ride bikes to any one of the less crowded beaches. Plant yourself all day long on the beach, go for a swim, and maybe spot a few seals swimming nearby.

Afterwards, choose from multiple great restaurants for dinner. You can catch the late ferry back to Hyannis, MA or stay in the hostel located on the beach.

  2.      The Jersey Shore

The New Jersey coast line calls New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey natives to the beach during the summer months. You can visit Atlantic City in southern part of the state. There a wooden boardwalk separates the beaches from the casinos. Gamble at night while you lay in the sand during the day. This historic shore city is a must visit, especially to see the damage after Hurricane Sandy.

If Atlantic City’s crowds bother you, then travel to nearby Margate, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Wildwood, Stone Harbor, or Avalon. Any one of these shore cities will win you over with their traditional family focused charm.

You won’t experience the real Jersey shore unless you spend time on the historic boardwalks, play min golf, eat huge Philly pretzels, and have an Italian hoagie on the beach.

If you really seek an exclusive hide away in this state, then visit the town of Strathmere that sits between Ocean City and Sea Isle City. The small strip of beach is unknown to most visitors.

  3.      Finding a Beach Near Washington, DC

Despite its location inland, the nation’s capital isn’t far from several coastal beaches. People who live around the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area head to Ocean City, MD. Unlike the New Jersey island namesake, this city is much larger.

The three hour drive over the Bay Bridge from Washington, DC is worth it. You’ll have fun with friends or family going swimming, racing go karts, and eating crab cakes at local restaurants. You visit Maryland without eating a famous crab cake.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then take the trip to Assateague in Virginia and Maryland. This area of coastline is home to wild free roaming horses.

Ted Levin is a freelance journalist and editor currently preparing for a holiday at the beach. You can connect with him on Twitter.

Best Beaches in the North East U.S.  



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