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Situated in northeastern Vietnam on the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay is included on the World Heritage Sites listing as one of the world’s seven wonders of nature. Archaeological studies reveal that this 1,600 island chain dates back to 16,000 B.C.

In route to one of Halong Bay’s luxury hotels, the flight itinerary for many travelers from the USA includes a change of airline stopover in London. Visiting affords the opportunity to make attendance at one of London’s smashing theatre shows part of your itinerary for a Vietnamese adventure of a lifetime at Halong Bay.

Hotel roomOccupying a prime center city location, Halong Plaza offers its guests fantastic views of the bay from every one of its 200 luxury accommodations. In addition to state-of-the-art television and WiFi, this hotel regales guests with a 50-dish breakfast buffet. Halong Plaza is conveniently located near the Tuan Chau Island Amusement Park. Visiting this 6 acre/2.5 hectare park affords the opportunity to see crocodile shows, dolphin shows and monkeys cavorting around on bikes. In addition to watching qualified experts kiss crocodiles and remove toy from their gigantic mouths, visitors have the chance to see breathtaking laser and musical shows. A unique feature of the park is walking through the mouth of a gigantic ghoul to enter a ghost house.

Whether or not one’s accommodations are at the Mithrin Hotel, no visit to Halong Bay would be complete without partaking of this hotel’s signature dish of Fried Squid Paste/Cha Mac Ha Long and enjoying the oriental-genre karaoke bar.

Composed of 150 rooms and 10 suites, the Royal Casino Hotel & Villa is a gaming paradise. Gaming rooms, operating on a 24/7 basis, offer 70 video slots. Poker is soon to be added to the current baccarat, blackjack and sico gaming tables. Many Royal Casino Hotel & Villa guests find a visit to nearby Royal Park to provide an ideal gaming table respite with the opportunity to experience a Vietnamese culture show. A Royal Park must-visit is the antiquities museum to view exhibits of ancient pottery, porcelain and a bronze drum. Only available from Royal Park, air-balloon rides offer a view of Halong Bay from a different perspective.

In addition to luxurious land-based hotels, Halong Bay’s Lake Resort provides the ultimate in luxurious accommodations, floating hotels. Embarking from Tuan Chau Island, 22 private watercraft may be engaged for cruises of an overnight to three-night duration. In addition to many of the luxuries provided at land-based hotels, these vessels are staffed by a personal service crew. Amenities include the option of designing a personal dining menu prior to launch. Since fishing is available from these luxurious floating hotels, a personal chef stands ready to prepare any sea creatures guests catch.



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