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Vietnam is a small piece of land which lies on the Eastern coast of Asia. You might take a while to get used to the bumper-to-bumper traffic in the cities but tourists are often excited to explore this exciting country. Let us begin with a few interesting facts about the country as a whole. Vietnam is a country with the 13th highest population in the world and is dominated by mountains. Even though the size of the country is small, six biosphere reserves exist here. The native animal of Vietnam is the Saola Antelope which is known as the rarest mammal in the world and don’t be surprised if you find people keeping potbelly pigs as pets in Vietnam!

Beginning with Ho Chi Minh city which is named after the man who created modern Vietnam. During the colonial period (1858), this city was captured by France and you will notice a lot of French architecture as you wander around the streets. One perfect example of French influence on architecture is the Notre Dame Cathedral. At the heart of the city, don’t miss the Ho Chi Minh square, the shopping-centric Dong Khoi Street and the Municipal Theatre. Furthermore, if you visit the Reunification Palace, you will come across details that you never knew existed during the sixteen year long war in Vietnam. Many history lovers also visit the beach city of Hoi An which was a major arrival point for US Soldiers during the war.

Moving on, Hue is a city that is known for its culture and religion. Hue was once the capital of Vietnam and is home to the tombs of many ancient emperors and Mausoleums. This city is more on the quieter side compared to the other cities and the change of pace is often peaceful to the mind during your tour of Vietnam.

In contrast, Hanoi, the current capital of Vietnam, is where loud city life exists. Even though the city is just as busy as Ho Chi Minh and includes a touch of the French along with countless number of restaurants and shopping arcades, some may still get the feeling of being in a village while in Hanoi. This could perhaps be because of the strong traditions or it could be the spirit of the great father (Ho Chi Minh) watching over the city. While in Hanoi, don’t forget to visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the cottage named ‘Uncle Ho’ and the halls of Hanoi Hilton, which was a prison during the French era.

Ha Long Bay is a coastal city with an abundance of limestone islands carved by the surrounding waters. Huge grey rocks are draped in greenery and graced with loads of emerald coloured waterways which allow people to move around the island and make stops at caves and little islets. It is a beautiful sight to watch the colours of the water merging with the sky while the sun sets and moves the bay into disciplined evening hues.

The country has a perfect balance of history, tropical beauty, culture, busy city life and mysterious waters to make it a wonderful travel experience for every visitor.

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