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Toronto is still a developing city when it comes to shopping. But in the last few years city practically transformed adding thousands of small boutiques, more big brand stores via mall expansions and changing the outlook of entire streets. Over 21 million of people visit Toronto every year, some on business, some to visit family and some purely for touristic reasons. It is also reported that over the 3 years tourism increased 11% – very large number, considering that tourism to Europe decreased. So, if you are in Toronto, where should you shop? In no particular order:

Yorkdale Mall

If you are travelling in the winter, you will especially appreciate mall setting. Not only it is warm, it is also comfortable because shops are close to each other, there are little cafeterias everywhere, even free Internet in certain spots. Out of all malls I recommend Yorkdale because they have many private boutiques. Not many people can be impressed by Zara, Victoria Secret and Banana Republic – that is everywhere really. But in Toronto even Yorkdale mall is one in a few to have alternative Point Zero, Seven4AllMenKind, Burberry, Boss and many more. This mall has a wide range of stores to fit any budget, from very cheap like H&M to very expensive like Luis Vuitton. Among Canadian brands I recommend Lulu Lemon, La Chateau (many things are made in Canada) and Danier.

Vintage Quarter

Toronto is becoming a vintage capital of the world. Many retail entrepreneurs really picked up on a trend and opened vintage boutiques around Dundas St W & Ossington Ave. There are quite a few on Queens St also around Ossington intersection. There are hundreds of vintage stores in Toronto. But nice thing about Toronto culture of vintage is that clothing and accessories are very well presented in spacious, clean and well designed stores. Toronto culture of vintage goes far off from regular second hand. In Toronto merchandise you buy will be professionally cleaned, fixed and even remodeled to the current trends. Things will not look old, they will be simply unique and beautiful.

Queen St W

Queen street historically was not for vintage stores. It was more for privately held boutiques and privately owned galleries. There are still quite a few small alternative boutiques with cute clothing for a reasonable price. Most of stores stretch west of Bay St. So you can take a subway or streetcar to Eaton Shopping Centre and without walking in there, go along the Queen St towards west.

Pacific Mall

Ok, this mall is nowhere near on tour guides because it is not technically your big department stores mall. There is no Sears or Bay there. There is no famous brand stores there. There are though hundreds of privately owned boutiques and stores. In each store the salespeople are likely its owners. The shopping experience therefore will be quite different from regular shop. In Pacific Mall stores, stuff for sale whether it is clothing or shoes or electronics has been hand picked by the store owners. You will get any question answered and a very pleasant attitude. Of course, no Chinese Mall would be without little souvenirs, cute little jade hand made memorabilia, China town stuff. Pacific Mall is in Markham, Chinese area of the city. You would need to drive there or take an expensive cab. But if you visited the above suggestions and really is a shopping nut, Pacific Mall will bring you a great joy.

Author of this article, Nancy Schneider, lives in Toronto. She writes about the city, world travel, shopping, fashion and tips for buying Kliik glasses online with free shipping to Toronto.

Cool Places to Shop in Toronto  



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