Discovering Vietnam by sea


Many people like to spend their holidays with a boat: it offers a lot of relax, it allows to get completely in touch with the nature and to travel avoiding the crowd of the streets.

A perfect destination for a boat trip is surely Vietnam, a less known sea destination that hosts a lot of jewels in terms of beaches, natural landscapes and seas and a 3400 km long of coasts.

This country owns different types of beaches: family beaches, tropical landscapes, undiscovered coves…

One of the best sea destinations of Vietnam is surely the island of Phu Quoc. It owns three beaches(Long Beach, Bai Sao and Ong Lan Beach) with white sand and truly romantic landscapes. It is a perfect destination to be seen and circumnavigated with a boat: you can redirect your yacht steering wheel from north to south or viceversa in order to discover all the secrets and the hidden landscapes of this wonderful island. Tourism is not very developed here and so during the night there are few attractions.

If you love the diving or if you want to do organised boat trips the best sea destination is surely the beach of Nha Trang, the most popular beach of Vietnam, that is generally crowd but it is very long so it can hosts a lot of people. It isn’t probably the most wonderful beach of Vietnam but the gold sand and the landscape beyond it attracts each summer a lot of citizens and tourists. In the recent years it has been developed a lot and many sculptures and parks have been built.

The island of Con Dao is a breathtaking beach destination with romantic landscapes, scenic coves and a huge coral reef. This island is protected by the Con Dao National Park who search to protect the sea turtles. Other featured animals of this island are the dugongs. It owns a landscape that hasn’t be truly influenced by the humans so it is picturesque and a little paradise.

These are only three of the wonderful sea destinations owned by Vietnam. If you want to discover it by sea, before starting your trip with a boat it is important to check if all the engines of the boat are perfects and if not to replace the worn ones. There are a lot of online and offline shops where people can buy boat accessory without spending much money. It is also important to have got a stock of food and water in case of unexpected.

After having taken these arrangements, you can start discovering Vietnam in the best way: by sea.