Do Son Beach_The heaven in Hai Phong


Do Son Beach_The heaven in Hai Phong

Tourists venturing into Hai Phong City cannot miss Do Son Beach which is one of the most popular beaches in the north.

Located around 105 kilometers from Hanoi, Do Son is a stunning beach located in an ideal topography which is easily accessible via local transportation. It is a small peninsula formed by the stretch of Rong Mountains to the sea. The harmonious mix of ranges of mountains and hills with forests of pine trees cover the beach area like a blanket. The sand in Do Son is light and reflects sunlight so it is pinky red at sunset but silky yellow in morning. Zigzag roads along the mountains, and pine forests make the beach an attractive location in the tropical region.

The area used to be a summer resort for French colonists and Vietnamese upper-class and there is still an old house of Kinh Bao Dai, the last king of Vietnam.

Do Son is composed of tree zones, each having bathing beaches, hills and forests. One is at the beginning of Do Son Township, the second area has a lot of modern hotels and resorts and the last area features a quiet and ancient style.

Coming to Do Son, tourists should not miss out on visiting Dau Island which is home to a bird yard, an animal zoo and an entertainment area as well as an historic lighthouse. Hoa Phuong Island is where travelers can experience luxury tourist services as they can shop in a trade center, relax in the pool, enjoy seafood in Food Street and stay in luxury resorts and hotels.

Tourists should also come to the historical relic of tau khong so (unnumbered ships) wharf located at the food of Nghia Phong Hill to learn more about Ho Chi Minh Road on the sea.

Do Son town is famous for its ritual buffalo fights, the finals of which are held annually on the 10th day in the eighth lunar month, usually late September or October. This time, tourists will be indulged in animated atmosphere and witness buffalos decorated colorfully and learn more about local traditions.




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