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Vietnam has moved away from its history as a war torn country, and it is starting the 21st century as an up and coming luxury destination that can cater for MICE clients.

MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events

The acronym MICE is used to refer to describe a very particular type of tourism, which sees groups of tourists brought together in order to attend a particular event or for some other united purpose. These trips are highly organized and planned well in advance.

The acronym MICE is often altered or adapted for different reasons. For example, the ‘E’ is often used to represent Exhibitions as opposed to Events, and the ‘C’ used to represent Conventions or occasionally Congress.

Private Jet

Incentive tourism is often the component of this type of tourism that is not very well understood. However, incentive tourism is very easy to explain. It is used by a company as a form of rewarding either an individual or a group of individuals for performing exceptionally well. This may be used as a short or long term reward. As a general rule of incentive tourism no professional or education activities are planned or undertaken on an incentive tourism trip; it is meant purely as an entertainment break provided for by the employer.

Vietnam – An Emerging MICE Destination

In the last few years it seems Vietnam has decided to raise to the challenges the come with being a MICE destination, and it’s now actively operating as a MICE location, with great results.

At first the announcement was met with some reservations, however, it seems an increasing number of MICE and corporate tourism packages are being purchased and held in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s close proximity to China is certainly one of the winning factors in the turnaround of Vietnam’s image as a tourist location; however, it is the commitment of both local and national businesses that is helping Vietnam to quickly rise as a popular MICE destination.

More and more exhibitions, conventions, meetings and conferences are being held in Vietnam with great success. It is through the active collaboration of travel companies, SME’s and top MICE buyers that has helped this country to change its status within the corporate tourism industry.

With superb locations such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well as recent infrastructure developments it is clear to see why Vietnam is raising to the list of MICE tourism locations. Twin infrastructure with stunning scenery, welcoming populations and a rich culture and you can see why it is appealing MICE tourists from all over the world.

From well planned luxury adventures to deeply relaxing spa and health vacations, Vietnam is able to provide something for everyone. It seems that suppliers and tour operators in Vietnam have taken a ‘you name it and we’ll make it happen approach’ to MICE tourism and this includes the support of private jets. It seems no matter what you want from your MICE trip Vietnamese organizers will find a way of making it happen for you.

Vietnam may not have been the first location that sprung to mind for your MICE vacation, however, you will find Vietnam is more than just accommodating. The country dotes on MICE tourists and does its best to not just meet these tourists’ expectations, but it aims to exceed them.

What to Expect on a MICE Trip

MICE tourism usually involves activities that are set out in a well planned program. These activities all focus on one common goal, purpose or theme. These might include professional or industry interests, personal interests or educational topics.

The location needs to be able to supply high quality venues, fantastic accommodation and excellent travel infrastructure (in, out and around the hosting country). MICE tourism is known throughout the world for its faultless planning, its specialist nature and its demanding clientele. The hosting country needs to be highly organized; both in the bidding of the MICE contracts and to ensure that it can deliver everything that the tourist requires.

Although Vietnam is a new addition to the list of countries offering MICE tourism, it is fast becoming a popular choice with airliners, tour brokers and tourists.

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