Experience Amazing Heli Skiing In British Columbia


Are you looking for an exciting adventure full of thrills that few activities can match? Consider a heli skiing vacation. Heli skiing is a sport that was invented by Austrian born Canadian mountain guide Hans Gmoser in 1965. His company took skiers into the Bugaboo Mountains of British Columbia by helicopter, put them down on pristine slopes and led them on an exhilaration ride down the mountain and a new sport was born. Heli skiing is not for the faint of heart or novice skiers. It is a fast ride down glaciers, through crevasses and creek beds and around tree glades that no one who does it will ever forget.

Heli skiing is the most fun you can have one skis. Plus you get to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views anywhere. Heli skiers are a different breed. They love the rush they get from wending their way down 5,000 to 10,000 foot tall mountains over thick layer of powder snow, long descents, steep slopes, corn snow and a variety of natural terrain contours. British Columbia is the world heli skiing capital. The huge snow falls, high mountains and challenging features attract skiers from all over the world. It is a great experience anyone with at least intermediate skill will enjoy.

Heli skiing requires some special clothing and gear. Participants must wear layered clothing appropriate for sub-zero temperatures. They must also wear neck warmers, goggles, ski gloves and hats. All mountain skis are preferred by the majority of heli skiers because they can handle a wide range of ski conditions. The skis, also known as ‘fat boys’, help keep skiers from getting ass tired during the long descents. Heli skiers also carry probes, shovels avalanche transponders and backpacks with additional supplies. Heli skiers employ the buddy system. This allows them to stay safe while having an incredible time.

BC heli skiing is growing by leaps and bounds. Many skiers who want a real adventure that allows them to show off their skills have embraced the sport. It is also popular with nature enthusiasts who jump at the chance to explore largely virgin mountain ranges on skis. It also attracts skiers who are tired of the same old ski slopes and want to test their skills in a more natural setting. No special skills are required to be a heli skier. In fact skiers who have tried the sport say it’s basically downhill skiing in an exotic environment.

Places like Revelstoke and Golden, British Columbia, are like mecca for heli skiers. Skiers travel great distances to ride a helicopter to mountaintop slopes and commune with the elements. Every real skier should experience BC heli skiing at least once.


Mitchell Strathford is an avid heli skiier who blogs about this favorite pastime and the best places to go for a BC heli skiing adventure. He had an amazing experience with Great Canadian Heli Skiing and highly recommends you check out their blog at http://canadianheli-skiing.com/blog-and-media/ before planning your next trip.

Experience Amazing Heli Skiing In British Columbia  



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