Travelers Page Let's Discover A New World Tue, 11 Jun 2013 04:29:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Where Are The Best Bars And Clubs In London Tue, 11 Jun 2013 04:21:58 +0000 VB Thuan If you are a visitor to London, you may probably need to take a break and have a fun time in the various nightspots within the city. Places such as Soho, Calpham, Camden and even Shoreditch are areas where you can be certain to find some of the most exciting entertainment spots. You can also maximize on your time by going for a London pub crawl, through which you can get to have a lot of fun with peers. Here are some of the most fascinating clubbing venues you can visit if you are in London.

Corsica studios

Corsica Studios is somewhat small, but it’s a good place to have some fun because of the great music and superb interior. If you want a club that is inviting, intimate, and conveniently located, then this is the ideal place for you .You can be sure to have a great experience on your visit to this establishment, and the good thing about it is that it’s very easily accessible from central London thus you do not have to worry about transport issues.


Gramophone is just the right club to go to if you want to get a real taste of elegance and class. The venue has a bar and restaurant, which are well laid out and tastefully designed. It hosts live comedy every Tuesday, and during the other days of the week, there are live music events held in the premises. Thus, you can always be sure to get something going whichever day you opt to visit. It’s the kind of bar that you can get to have so much fun you will not want to leave.

The white House

If you do not mind much about prices, this is the kind of bar you can go to. However despite the fact that the club is large, it’s always full by midnight thus if you intend to go to the place, it’s best that you set out early. The place has a roof terrace where you can enjoy a cool breeze during the night, while the interior has a minimalist design with quite a lot of mirrors. It’s the kind of club where you can get to dance to music played by international DJs, and you can be sure to have a great time regardless of its costliness.

Ministry of sound

If you like the idea of a large dance floor and a huge sound system, you can be confident to get this at Ministry of Sound. The club plays superb music and has a very welcoming and creatively designed interior. It’s also the place you can get to mingle with an interesting crowd, and just let go. Besides, you can also attend student nights London at this venue, and in the process take advantage of price cuts on drinks.

If you want to have a really good time in a night, you can opt to go for a Shoreditch pub crawl and get entertained in different spots –Shoreditch bars are among the best in London. All in all, nightlife in London is very exciting, but if you want to have the best experience, it’s best to plan early.

Michael Cashman is an IT consultant and journalist who deals with articles on entertainment and aims to inform readers on new and popular sports in London to help them make the most out of their time out.

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I’d Hate To Mow That Tue, 11 Jun 2013 04:14:35 +0000 VB Thuan Mowing the lawn can sometimes be quite a chore. But if you think mowing your lawn is a hassle,  remember that grass everywhere needs to be mowed, including the lawns of city parks and sports arenas and palaces. Granted, those typically have a team of lawn care professionals with specialized resources to handle the landscaping and mowing tasks. Still, imagine the scope of these lawn projects, and maybe the next time you have to mow your lawn or yard, you’ll feel a little better in comparison.

The Wimbledon Court

One of the most famous tennis venues in the world, the Wimbledon Tennis Club’s courts in South West London, England, are not only significant in size, but also in usage. With tennis professionals playing their hearts out all over the court, the grass gets tightly compacted from the players’ relentless trampling. If the lawn is not carefully monitored and maintained, these conditions can be very damaging to the grass; additionally, it is crucial that these playing surfaces remain in perfect shape for the matches, ensuring the perfect bounce rate of the ball. The staggering amount of research and science goes into cultivating the lawn at Wimbledon Tennis Club is impressive to say the least; the complexity and expertise that this lawn requires makes the Wimbledon Court the most famous lawn in the world.

Central Park

One of New York, New York’s greatest attractions is the world renowned Central Park. The park serves as a wonderful break from the urban scenery and is treated as one of the finest green spaces that the country has to offer. At a whopping 778 acres, it is a significant landscape project both to design and to maintain. There are seven major lawns in the park, used for a variety of purposes from team sports to quiet areas. As the most visited urban park in the United States, the maintenance team is always at work keeping the lawns in tip top shape.

The White House Lawn

As an iconic symbol of the American government and the home of the president himself, the White House in Washington D.C. is given skyrocketing expectations in terms of presentation, and this doesn’t exclude its lawn. The lawn is one of the key elements in picturing the White House, and the vast, green, kept grass serves as a framing device for the White House’s display. The White House grounds cover about 18 acres of land, and its South Lawn is used for public events.

Wrigley Field

Another world famous sports venue, Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, is respected as the oldest National League baseball park in America. Similar to Wimbledon’s concerns, the lawn on these grounds is also subject to high usage and wear. With its significant place in the history of the game, baseball fans everywhere will agree that Wrigley Field definitely houses some important blades of grass.

The Eiffel Tower

As one of the most well-known landmarks in the world, the Eiffel Tower (and its surrounding lawns) gets an enormous amount of tourism traffic in all seasons. Thus, the lawn and the surrounding flora is maintained with a scrutinizing eye throughout the year, ensuring its health and appearance. Many public events are also held at the tower, and thousands gather on the surrounding lawns, making care and mowing a crucial part of the Eiffel Tower’s maintenance process.

Mike Piwonka is the owner and CEO of The Grass Outlet. The Grass Outlet is dedicated to serving the Texas area in providing reliable and affordable grass and sod in a timely manner.

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Vietnam a country of spectacular scenic beauty and charm Mon, 10 Jun 2013 10:18:45 +0000 VB Thuan Travel to Asia has become a great appeal to visitors from all corners of world. In recent times Vietnam has emerged as a popular tourist destination among globetrotters. It is one of the most beautiful countries of South Asia which has achieved several milestones in recent times like lifting of restriction, government reforms, opening of borders which make it a popular tourist destination of Asia thronged by large number of travellers. Make a plan and book low fare flights tickets for holidays in Vietnam a country which is glittering with spectacular scenic beauty, the warmth of people, historical marvels, ornate Confucian temples, splendid French colonial architecture etc which makes it a great country of contrasts and contrast means a greater variety of travel experience that satisfies even the most discrete travellers.

image002Hanoi is the capital and second largest city of country located on the right bank of Red River is among the major attractions of Vietnam. Throughout its thousand years eventful history which is marked by wars, destruction and natural calamities, the city has never lost its charm and still among the most sought after tourist destinations. If you are a culture vulture, then Hanoi has so much to offer. The city has well preserved its 1000 year old history and traditions along with lush and verdant parks as well as beautiful locations that will quite simply keep you busy for days on your holiday trip. So start your trip with the most famous attractions of city.

Hanoi Old Quarter:- Located nearby Hoan Kiem Lake in Hoan Kiem district, Old Quarter is among the major attractions of city. Packed with charming colonial architecture, Buddhist temples and pagodas it is city’s major commercial district. Once the guild street of silversmiths, now home to travel agencies, elegant café houses and tombstone carvers , it is a maze of 36 streets between Hanoi’s famed Hoan Kiem Lake which has more than 1000 year old history and is still going strong. Old Quarter is also famous for its shopping, dining and nightlife. When other parts of Hanoi might quiet down at night, the Old Quarter is the place where night owls head to. Live music, discos, pubs, bars as well as decent karaoke joints are the norm here. The place is also a shopper’s delight and houses artistic products around the country. It is a must visit for art lovers and history buffs.

Vietnam Women’s Museum:- It is an unexpected gem of city and is a recently renovated institution that examines Vietnam through the lens of its female population like their war efforts, participation in struggle, marriage customs, traditional dresses etc. Pair it with a visit to the Museum of Ethnology and enjoy the whole trip.

Hanoi Opera House:- Built in 1911 by then ruling French , the Hanoi Opera House is a phenomenal piece of neo-classical French architecture featuring Gothic themes. It is the biggest theatre in the country that speaks in volumes about its historical and cultural evidences of Vietnam. Visitors will be entertained in this historical landmark featuring a range of events including local Vietnamese Opera, traditional folk music, ballets along with many international events.

Temple of Literature:- The Temple of Literature is often cited as one of Hanoi’s most popular and picturesque tourist attraction. It was originally built as a university in 1070 which is dedicated to Confucius scholars and sages. This historical site is a ranked as one of Hanoi’s most important cultural places and is steeped in Vietnamese history. So why wait, just catch low fare flights to Hanoi and visit these historic sites that offer you glimpses of rich cultural heritage of country.

Night Markets:-One thing that you just can’t afford to miss in Hanoi is its night markets. Visit the Old Quarter, Hang Giay and Hang Dao streets which seem like an infinite line of illuminated orange stalls on every Friday and Saturday night. The festive atmosphere, color and vibrancy of these markets are just infectious. Visit them once and the memory of them remains with you forever.

]]> 0 Enjoying Vietnam Holiday Experience in a Better Way Wed, 05 Jun 2013 13:26:30 +0000 admin While Vietnam is not among the top tourism destinations in the world it is certainly attracting lot of people across the globe mainly because of the natural landscapes and historic locations and attractions that the country offers. Every year Vietnam receives 2.9 million international tourists which is 64% higher than the number of tourists that visited the war-torn country in the past. As per the records of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Vietnam normally receives more people from the United States, China, Japan and South Korea. Hence, Vietnam still focuses on tourism as a better way to earn more income in the future.

Phu Quoc IslandIf you are taking a trip this year to Vietnam you can definitely be sure that you are going to enjoy the natural landscape and the historic locations that can share a lot about the people and the culture of the country. You can look out for some really cool locations like Ha Long Bay that still remains one of the most popular locations in the country. The place is located 120 kilometers towards the north of Vietnam and offers limestone pillars that stand in the water. One can look out for some caves and various lakes that are close to this location. When you are on a family trip in Vietnam it is always recommended that you look out for top family cars that can offer you better holiday experience. Toyota remains one of the top auto companies in Vietnam and therefore you can look out for top autos model available there.

Islands are the best locations that you can take your family and in Vietnam you can look out for locations like Phu Quoc which offers similar experience like Phuket but a little under-developed with undamaged coral reefs and bit isolated. The Phu Quoc is almost on the Cambodia coast and it offers a better holiday experience if you want to just lie down and enjoy some quality moments with your family and friends. This is also an ideal location for newlyweds and couples as they can enjoy some privacy and new Vietnamese cuisine. If you have a car with you and you want to take a trip in your car then head to Nha Trang which is the most popular seaside resort town in the country. This location can offer you a better experience if you like beaches and resorts right close to the beach. This location also offers scuba diving center in Vietnam so if you enjoy sea sports you know where you need to head to.

It is always recommended that you look out for some really good cars that are available on rent like Toyota Fortuner which is certainly the most popular car. If you like sedans you can look out for Toyota Corolla and Toyota Vios. You can also look out for Ford Fiesta or Ford Everest that are easily available with various car rental companies and hotels. Since most of the attractions are not too close to each other you can always go for autos model that can make your Vietnam holiday experience even better.

]]> 0 How to get Vietnam visa on arrival Thu, 30 May 2013 04:18:59 +0000 admin Visa on arrival is a legitimate way to get your Vietnam visa. It seems that visa on arrival is the best choice to foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam. With a computer, laptop, or smart phone connected to internet, you can book visa everywhere at anytime.  There are some basic steps to get the Visa as follows:

Vietnam visaStep 1: Searching information

You can:

- Ask friends who used to travel with visa on arrival. They have experienced the service and know which company is the most suitable choice. And they have real stories.

- Check out the information for detail on recommended websites, or tourism forum. There are so much useful and reliable information of reputed firms. You can ask about the requirements, process, notifications or anything that makes you confuse.

- Search with key words: Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam visa…

Step 2: Applyingonline

You should read the information on the website and follow all the instructions carefully to avoid problems. If there is any confusion, you should email or call for the best information.

You need to fill the correct details in “Online Application Form” according to the guideline, check again for sure and pay the service fee, and then you receive the confirmation email.

Step 3: Printing document

After obtaining the approval letter for you, we will send you a copied document by email. The visa approval letter that is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department allows you to enter and exit Vietnam for a given time period within the working time choose in the application. You need to download, print the letter and pick up at the airport. The Immigration officers will verify the details on the approval letter based on your passport and travel documents.

If this is the first time you visit Vietnam, you should check out the airport map where airport visa-on-arrival counter is.


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Perfect Five Ways to Enjoy in Vietnam Thu, 23 May 2013 02:35:36 +0000 admin Vietnam is an exotic Asian country. Its charm has been impressing Westerners for many years. Many tourists say that to be able to enjoy Taiwan, you need to manifest slow-paced travel. At first sight, you will ask yourself what you will do in Vietnam but later on you will realize there are lots of things you can do to enjoy Vietnam. Part of that is to allow yourself to have enough time to enjoy Vietnam. Lack of this report to get to know Vietnam will cause profound frustration and disappointment for a tourist. As they say, you have to earn Vietnam because it is not going to be love at first sight. Consequently, you will realize that there are many amazing spots that Vietnam has. There are helpful pointers that will allow you to enjoy Vietnam the best.

Vietnam countryAvoid availing of open tour systems because it will limit the service to hotels and resorts that have contracts with the open tour service provider. You can maximize the tour if you just avail of commercial buses and other means of transportation. If you are planning to travel from Vietnam to other countries like the USA, then you need to secure the ESTA form. To know more information about the ESTA form then you can visit their website for further information.

Enjoying your stay in a foreign country can only be achieved if you are educated enough to respect and appreciate the country’s culture. If you are in Vietnam, then accept Vietnamese terms. You are the foreigner so you have to adjust to the native’s culture and not the other way around. Moreover, you have to be polite in dealing with natives because you are the one invading not them so a little respect and sensitivity can go a long way. Remember that how the local people sees you can greatly affect the comfort you will feel in the course of your stay.

Because Vietnam is mostly comprised of coastal areas, then revisiting beaches will let you savor the beauty of this country. Their beaches are their pride. In fact, the hotel and resort industry in Vietnam yields high revenue.
If you are a tourist who is more concerned about industrialization, then, Vietnam is not the perfect place to go. In this country, you will have the pleasure to use geographical picturesque. The beauty is in nature in its almost natural taste without the touch of human exploitation and abuse. Sights like theses is a very refreshing for someone who have been exposed to the stress life in the urban areas. The sight of mountains, rice terraces, grasslands, farms, pocket forests, streams, and sanctuaries is profoundly therapeutic to a cosmopolitan soul.

To discover the gastronomic experience of Vietnam means to taste another touch of the charming Asian cuisine. Native recipes is a reflection a country’s culture, so a trip will never be called complete without experiencing the culinary artistry of Vietnam. Among the tasty array of dishes, you should not miss their fried rice noodles or their spicy rice noodle soup. Be charmed by the rice cakes which will be perfectly paired with meat dishes wrapped in sesame oil essence.

Author Bio: Lucy is a Travel blogger who works for ESTA VISA, She regularly updates on ESTA information here and at other top blogs around the web.

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