Have An Exotic Adventure Heli Skiing In Canada


What is the difference between the ski resorts and heli skiing? Ski resorts are a place where the snow is manipulated and controlled by the use of condensed snow. Why does that affect the skiing experience? Well aside from it not being a natural experience, there is an actual physical difference. For one thing freshly fallen snow or powder snow is much lighter than what you would find on typical ski resorts. Powder snow is actually lighter than water. This gives you a smoother feel when skiing, and of course allows you reach faster speeds. Powder snow is usually dry or slightly moist, which only enhances manageability as you glide downward. The powder snow in Canada reaches up to two feet.

What are other things do you need to know about heli skiing? Another important thing to know is that this is an off-trail skiing experience, meaning it is like no other skiing experience you’ve ever had, making it a truly new and exotic adventure. Since this kind of skiing experience is off trail, it is not accessible by a mere ski lift. You can only access these regions by the use of a helicopter, hence the name heli skiing. It is an adventure that is only enhanced by visiting the cyclopean mountains of Canada.

A thrill requires three things;anxiety, experience and execution. This is what heli skiing in Canada will give you.To paraphrase an old proverb, “proportion is what thrills the mind”. This is true of heli skiing because the heights and velocities you will experience will be raw. If you go during the peak of the cold weather, you can expect a more relaxed ride. If you go during a slightly warmer weather, then you might hit a speed faster than expected which make will that verticaldrop much more intense.

Some heli skiing enthusiasts actually take their training a little further and learn to climb mountains with the use of ropes and ice axes. This is a skill known as ski mountaineering. Don’t worry, heli skiing in Canada does not leave you to your own resources, as you can actually schedule many trips to the drop off point in one day. This is possible as long as you plan accordingly, of course. Canada is the place to go for this type of thrill and it is the leading place to visit for any serious heli skier, or any serious skier that wants to experience something new. The weather is usually ripe for this type of sport, the landscape is majestic, and the mountains are tall enough to rekindle that spark in your heart as your heart beats rapidly all the way down.


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Have An Exotic Adventure Heli Skiing In Canada  



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