Holiday to Vietnam


Vietnam is no longer the sweltering jungle land with ancient villages that remind you of war time. The Vietnam Islands are considered places to holiday in this luxurious country while enjoying white sand beaches, excellent food, global entertainment, historic pagodas and temples, glorious rising mountains all within a peaceful beautiful culture. Getting around Vietnam is available through a modern transit system of bus lines, trains and island hoppers.

Holiday in VietnamRemember the negative picture we saw of Hanoi in the 60s? No more, Hanoi is the enchanting capital of Vietnam situated on the Red River. It is the second largest city in Vietnam and contains attractions that are a must visit while individuals and families are on holiday to Vietnam. Hanoi is a walking splendor among winding roadways through beautiful countrysides and coastal beaches where you will find cultural activities to be enjoyed by everyone. Visit Hanoi’s educational museums called Ho Chi Minh, Ancient House and the Vietnam Womens Museum.

Take the children to the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre or the Viet Climb rock located inside town, but there are professional rock climbing tours for adventuresome adults. Other Hanoi attractions include the Vietnam National Tuong Theatre with favorable theatre reviews for the performances of the local musicians and dancers. Additional theatre reviews have been noted by the international community for Hanoi’s opulent Paris Opera featuring local and international artists.

Holiday to Vietnam continues with a visit to the south central coastal town of Hoi An, recognized as a member location of the UNESCO organisation. Tourists and visitors to Hoi An will experience a town of peace, serenity and beauty surrounded by lakes and landscaped parks. You can practice yoga on the Cua Dai Beach, visit the Que Herb Village for organic cooking lessons or visit quaint fishing villages. The Traditional Theatre in Hoi An offers colourful performances of the folk music and dance of Vietnamese people. Open markets featuring wonderful cuisines and hand made crafts are sprinkled throughout the countryside, as well as bicycle tours.

The only constant in Vietnam is its tropical humidity which varies from north to the south and from east to the west. No matter where you holiday to Vietnam, sunshine is ever present except during the rainy seasons. Take light clothing and sunscreen and visit the small seaside resort town of Nha Trang which has hosted beauty pageants and is chosen to host the 2016 Asian athletes for the Asian Beach Games. Nha Trang beaches are known world wide and also features many luxurious spas and resorts. Visitors can play beach football, sun bathe, take part in Tai Chi classes or dive and swim in the ocean. Running through the center of town is Tran Phu street which features crowded chef inspired dining shops, international shops, modern hotels and bars filled with music and entertainment.