I’d Hate To Mow That


Mowing the lawn can sometimes be quite a chore. But if you think mowing your lawn is a hassle,  remember that grass everywhere needs to be mowed, including the lawns of city parks and sports arenas and palaces. Granted, those typically have a team of lawn care professionals with specialized resources to handle the landscaping and mowing tasks. Still, imagine the scope of these lawn projects, and maybe the next time you have to mow your lawn or yard, you’ll feel a little better in comparison.

The Wimbledon Court

One of the most famous tennis venues in the world, the Wimbledon Tennis Club’s courts in South West London, England, are not only significant in size, but also in usage. With tennis professionals playing their hearts out all over the court, the grass gets tightly compacted from the players’ relentless trampling. If the lawn is not carefully monitored and maintained, these conditions can be very damaging to the grass; additionally, it is crucial that these playing surfaces remain in perfect shape for the matches, ensuring the perfect bounce rate of the ball. The staggering amount of research and science goes into cultivating the lawn at Wimbledon Tennis Club is impressive to say the least; the complexity and expertise that this lawn requires makes the Wimbledon Court the most famous lawn in the world.

Central Park

One of New York, New York’s greatest attractions is the world renowned Central Park. The park serves as a wonderful break from the urban scenery and is treated as one of the finest green spaces that the country has to offer. At a whopping 778 acres, it is a significant landscape project both to design and to maintain. There are seven major lawns in the park, used for a variety of purposes from team sports to quiet areas. As the most visited urban park in the United States, the maintenance team is always at work keeping the lawns in tip top shape.

The White House Lawn

As an iconic symbol of the American government and the home of the president himself, the White House in Washington D.C. is given skyrocketing expectations in terms of presentation, and this doesn’t exclude its lawn. The lawn is one of the key elements in picturing the White House, and the vast, green, kept grass serves as a framing device for the White House’s display. The White House grounds cover about 18 acres of land, and its South Lawn is used for public events.

Wrigley Field

Another world famous sports venue, Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, is respected as the oldest National League baseball park in America. Similar to Wimbledon’s concerns, the lawn on these grounds is also subject to high usage and wear. With its significant place in the history of the game, baseball fans everywhere will agree that Wrigley Field definitely houses some important blades of grass.

The Eiffel Tower

As one of the most well-known landmarks in the world, the Eiffel Tower (and its surrounding lawns) gets an enormous amount of tourism traffic in all seasons. Thus, the lawn and the surrounding flora is maintained with a scrutinizing eye throughout the year, ensuring its health and appearance. Many public events are also held at the tower, and thousands gather on the surrounding lawns, making care and mowing a crucial part of the Eiffel Tower’s maintenance process.

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I’d Hate To Mow That  



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