Immigration Rules Vietnam 2013


Vietnam is a more liberal nation currently and therefore any foreign citizens who wish to migrate to the country can make an application through the Vietnam consulates or Embassy established in their home countries. The visa application process takes duration of between four to ten days. The visas can also be issued to visitors upon their arrival at the airport upon issuing the necessary required documents.

Vietnam passportsIt is therefore important for foreigners to be aware of the Immigration Rules Vietnam 2013 as outlined below.

Immigration Rules Vietnam 2013
There are various rules and regulations governing the investment and employment of foreigners in Vietnam as per the rules established in 2013. The department of labor is mandated to ensure that all foreign citizens residing and working in Vietnam do not stay beyond the time limits of their contracts and permits. There are also other rules governing the admission into and out of the country.

The 2013 immigration rules are as follows:

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All the business activities by foreigners in Vietnam should be limited to the following;

  • Attending only business discussions, meetings and transactions.
  • They should only attend seminars as well as other educational conferences
  • The visitors can make sales calls with Vietnam firms and clients as long as they represent the foreign business entity legally.

Any foreign immigrants to Vietnam are required to have visas. However, for citizens of nations with exemptions’ on bilateral or unilateral visa agreement are not required t acquire visa in order to enter Vietnam. Some of these exemptions are; Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos and Indonesia citizens are exempted from the rule that foreigners should stay for a maximum of 30 days.

South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Japan citizens are exempted from a stay lasting at most 15 days.

The immigrant visas can only be issued at the gates of main borders to Vietnam only on the following conditions;

  • If the applicant is visiting a sick family friend or attending a relative or family funeral.
  • If the applicant is moving to Vietnam using a Vietnam international tourism firm. If the applicant is from a nation that does not have an existing a representative of Vietnam.

In order to get a work authorization in Vietnam, the immigrant must fulfill the following requirements;

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Good health condition to satisfy the requirement and demands for the job applied for
  • Be without any criminal offence or record and do not have any pending criminality case in court.
  • Must be an executive, manager or specialist

Residence Permit
This is a legal permit required once a foreigner has arrived at the airport. It can be renewed after every 6 months or after the person employed has resided in the country for a period not less than 6 months. Various employees are also given the freedom of choosing to apply for a temporary residence permit card which is meant for the work permit time limit.

The immigration rules also state that all the work permits to employees should be canceled before an employee leaves Vietnam through the department of labor. The employees must return back the work permits to their employers within a period not more than 15 days.

Passport is mandatory to pass immigration.



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