Irresistible Things to Try When Visiting Halong Bay


Picture this, you are sailing past beautiful islets and exploring hidden caves situated in the middle of a jungle. Or how about you are relaxing with your loved one at a beautiful beach and enjoying exciting hiking trails in a national park with your friends, sounds too good to be true? How about all of these experiences clubbed into one fascinating vacation, how about a vacation in the jewel of South East Asia called Halong Bay. Awarded UNESCO World Heritage site status, Halong Bay is a beautiful bay that comprises of more than 3000 amazing islands rising from the crystal clear waters of Gulf of Tonkin.

Visit Halong Bay

Apart from exploring the exotic flavors of Asia and enjoying breathtaking cruises, the most important facet of a Halong Bay vacation are its tiny islands that are decorated with world class beaches and grottoes. Whether you want to enjoy kayaking, experience cliff diving adventures or try your luck in a casino, Halong Bay offers it all and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. Being one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam, travelers can easily get cheap flights to Halong Bay if they book their deals early, meaning you can have all this fun at just fraction of the cost of your normal holiday budget. These are some of the things that you simply can’t afford to miss when in Halong Bay.

  • Explore the majestic world of Tuan Chau Island: A popular rejuvenating spot for tourists and locals alike, Tuan Chau Island is more of an entertainment complex that is stuffed with world class aquariums, circus, luxurious resorts, golf courses and much more. Result, a good dose of unadulterated fun for your friends and family.
  • Adventures in Cat Ba Island: One of the most beautiful islands of Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island offers everything from beaches, waterfalls, caves, swamps to national parks. Don’t miss hiking on the challenging terrains of Cat Ba National Park and also enjoy a spectacular sunbath on one of the beautiful beaches located in the island.
  • Taste the flavors of Vietnam: Going to Halong Bay and not tasting the exotic cuisines and herbal drinks of Vietnam would certainly be a sin. Head to Halong Market which offers some must try items including delicious squid cakes, mini crabs and local herbal drinks, not to be missed at any cost.

The experience is majestic, it’s fascinating and its priceless, when it comes to attaining the vision of amazing beauty and comfort, there is no place better than the South East Asian jewel of Halong Bay which offers the perfect blend of beauty, adventure and history.



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