Khe Hai beach_The hidden gem of Quang Ngai


Khe Hai beach_The hidden gem of Quang Ngai

People often associate Quang Ngai with historical relics and the My Lai Massacre, but not many have discovered that the province is endowed with a stunning beach called Khe Hai in Binh Thanh Commune, Binh Son District.

The beach is non-resident so it maintains its pristine and untouched beauty. At dawn when the first rays of sunlight gleam over the limpid water, this is an ideal time for tourists to wallow in fresh waves. Children can also enjoy the water as it is shallow for one kilometer from the sandy beach nestled under the shades of high trees.

The beach is linked to Chu Lai Beach in Nui Thanh District in Quang Nam Province, so it is interesting for tourists to swim in two beaches in two different provinces on the same day. The linking point between two beaches is a fishing village.

Early morning tourists will see many sandcrabs on the beach and meet fishermen who have come back home after their offshore catches. They will show off fresh seafood such as fish, snail, crab or squid which tourists should ask them to make on the beach.

Also at night, under a flickering camp fire tourists can enjoy the seafood dishes with a few drinks.

After the beach, it is time for visitors to see a collection of more than 10,000 antiques preserved at a beachside museum near Khe Hai-Chu Lai Beach.

There are old money pots dating back to the third century and many ceramic works from the Dai Viet, Sa Huynh or Oc Eo cultures. Many old weapons from King Quang Trung era in the 18th century are also kept at the museum.

And of course there is the exciting Ly Son Island which has many volcano mouths and rock beaches.

Hang Pagoda is also a site that tourists to Quang Ngai should not miss as it was formed from a stone cave over 300 years ago. The pagoda is striking with spiraling rocks like giant snails. Ancient almond trees in front of the cave are also witnesses of time and history of the land.

Another site is Duc Pagoda which is located at the foot of a volcano. The pagoda is easily recognizable with its 27-meter-high Bodhisattva Kuan-yin statue facing Be Islet.

At the top of the pagoda volcano, tourists can take a panoramic view of surroundings which take in evergreen rice fields, endless sea, red-tile roofs and winding roads.

There is also Lang Chanh Temple, An Hai Communal House, Ca Ong and Tam Hoa temples for tourists to learn more about the history of the Quang region.



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