Looking For A Special Place To Visit In The UK?


If you find yourself in the UK on your holiday and looking for something a bit different to what every other tourist is doing then you need to visit Cheshire in the UK. Once there then you must take time out to visit the wonderful and picturesque village of Marple. It is a very traditional place; it has a college, numerous primary schools and a large secondary school, Marple Hall. Aside from the schools in the area- the village is a little secret waiting to be visited. This post covers the places you can go and see when there, and you will definitely not regret seeing this idyllic English village.

The Canal at Marple

First of all, the Marple locks are situated all the way through Marple! The locks on the canal run all the way through, and you can take a walk along the canal seeing the many different canal boats that are docked up. Many people actually don’t just go on holiday on the boats; they, in fact, live on the boats. Marple locks are great and when you walk all the way down them; you will also be able to see a lovely aqueduct that has a train track on top and houses the railway path to the neighbouring Romiley Village.

Wonderful walks and cycle paths

The Middlewood Way passes all the way through central Marple; it is a walkway and track for cycle enthusiasts. There is a lovely forest on the Middlewood way, and you will be able to exercise until your heart is content.
The Memorial Park in Marple, so called because of the war memorial that is in the middle of the park. It is a beautiful well-kept park where kids will be able to play out. There is an outdoor bowling green and a skate park for those that want somewhere to skate but don’t fancy braving it in the road.

The village

The village has a lovely fish and chip shop in Market street, and you will have to stop on by to grab a cone of chips. The town of Marple is also well known for the many charity shops that are situated in the village centre. The town is home to many a wealthy resident and some of the items that can be picked up inside the charity shops are very well-known brands! You can snap up a lot of bargains if you have time to root around for one.

At the end of your day, you must take time to visit the bakery and pick up some cakes to take back with you. Marple is a hidden treasure of the UK, an attraction that should be visited a lot more than it is. Therefore, if you are looking for a place away from the usual tourist hotspots where you can get a great taste for the English way of life but in a place that is a little different and unique this is certainly the place to try.

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Looking For A Special Place To Visit In The UK?  



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