Mekong, Meatballs and Midnight Festivals. Must Visits in Vietnam


With white sand beaches and flavoursome food, Vietnam is fast becoming a favourite on the backpacker trail. Whilst you’re there why not spend some time checking out the bustling cities? Get ready to hang out in Hanoi, kick back in Ha Long Bay and dodge traffic in Ho Chi Minh City!


After a Facebook profile picture to make all your friends jealous? Hanoi is the gateway city to the beautiful Ha Long Bay and you’ll find plenty of tours that run from the city. Hanoi is also the home to the largest international airport in Vietnam so it’s likely that wherever you’re coming from you’ll spend some time here. Don’t leave without seeing a traditional water puppet show and sampling the local pho (it’s supposed to be the best in country).

Travel Tip: Be weather wise! It’s cool and drizzly between February and April, but don’t put off visiting at this time as the fine mist adds to the spooky aura of Ha Long bay!

Hoi An

If you’re used to the hustle, bustle (and near death experiences) that traffic in Vietnam can bring, you’ll find Hoi An a welcome break. This ‘walker-friendly’ town has a ban on cars in the Old Town and the locals have clamped down on street touts too!

Travel Tip: Try and coincide your trip with a full moon. Once a month the Vietnamese people come out in force for a festival of street lanterns, music and steaming bowls of pho!

Ho Chi Minh

Formerly known as Saigon (the locals still refer to it as such) HCM is the second largest city in Vietnam. If you’re feeling flash then check out Sri bar, atop the Centec Tower. You can get a cocktail here for the same price as a beer back home! A trip to Vietnam wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the scenic, lush and tropical Mekong! The delta also ends close to the city and with trips available for less than $15 you’d be mad to miss it.

Travel tip: Whilst you’re in Ho Chi Minh try out some Vietnamese food from a street vendor! We recommend Bún cha, a scrummy dish of vermicelli noodles and grilled pork meatballs.

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