Misty Tam Dao is a beautiful spot


Around 60km from Ha Noi, Vinh Phuc is famous for many attractions such as Dai Lai Lake, Huong Canh Temple, Phu My Communal House and Binh Son Tower. But in Tam Dao, there is not only the most popular site for tourists in the province, but also the most picturesque.

Tam Dao is endowed with a lot of beautiful landscapes, the romantic combination of forests, streams and mountains; clouds driven by the wind; the sounds of the cascades echoing far and wide, mingled with the songs of forest birds.

Tam Dao is a huge mountain range which is about 80km long and 10-15km wide. In 1904 French settlers built 200 villas, hotels, restaurants, a sports court, swimming pool and dance venue.

With three magnificent peaks which are over 1,000m above sea level, people say Tam Dao resembles a giant man with his hands to the sky and standing imposingly in the mist. There is Ban Thach in the middle which is 1,338m, Thien Nhi Mount to the left at 1,375m and on the right is the 1,400m Phu Nghia.

Tam Dao is blessed with ideal temperatures of about 21ÂșC and it appears to have four seasons in one day. The cool wind in the morning makes people think of spring, the sun at noon is like summer, the romantic sunset makes you think of autumn, while the chill at night is like wintertime.

The sunset coming over Tam Dao Township makes for a peaceful, vaporous and misty scene. People coming to Tam Dao often say that they feel like they are in Sa Pa or Da Lat City such is its beauty.

In Tam Dao, tourists should visit Bac Waterfall to witness the magnificence of the fall which is akin to a white silk carpet stretching down from heaven.

Chua Thuong Mau Temple is where tourists can find tranquility, appreciate nature and revel in a sacred atmosphere.

Trekking into Phu Nghia Mount is a challenge and a half. However, the splendid surroundings, wild flowers and the poetic Xa Huong Lake on the way, especially the panoramic view of Tam Dao, will make the trek more than worthwhile.

Coming to Tam Dao, tourists should also visit Tay Thien, a complex of many relics and temples such as Chan Suoi, Dau, Ca, Thong, Co, Cau or Dong Co Pagoda.

The journey to Tay Thien is rather difficult, though, as travelers need to pass many streams, slopes, forests and torturous trails. However, the stunning scenery makes it all worthwhile, especially if you get a rush out of adventure.

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