Most Popular National Parks in Vietnam


Think of Vietnam and almost instantly it may stir memories of a country gripped in a war that lasted for two decades and cost more than four million people their lives. But fast forward almost 40 years later and all that is now consigned to the history books and Vietnam has become a place of beauty, peace, serenity and landscapes that will physically make one’s jaw drop. Many of the fascinating sights that can be found in this wonderful country are found in its many national parks.

Most visitors to the country will arrive in at the capital in Ho Chi Minh City, and from here it is possible to grab a tour bus heading north for about 160km (100 miles) to a place called Cat Tien National Park. It is one of the best preserved national parks in the world and its forests, rivers and lakes are home to more than 42 endangered species. There is more than plenty to do here including hiking, river rambling, camping, swimming and cycling. You could spend three days here and you would still struggle to see the whole park but you’ll have great fun trying.

Another popular city where tourists and visitors are attracted to is Hội An, a beautiful old city on the coast of the South China Sea. Here you will find an array of 15th century buildings and temples and a unique heritage site that will take you back in time to ancient Asia. From the port here you can take an hour long boat trip to a national park called Cham Island, where here you can explore one of the most environmentally friendly places in South East Asia. Do not bring your plastic bags here as they are outlawed! The biosphere here is recognized as a World Heritage Site and the inhabitants are extremely friendly.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is an outstanding area for checking out the limestone caves, enjoying tranquil countryside, and taking a slow boat ride along a lazy river. One of the more popular national parks in Vietnam is the Cat Ba National Park with its tropical rainforest brimming over with parrots, reptiles, mammals and a large variation of unique plants that are found nowhere else in the world.

Cat Ba National Park also has a number of fascinating little treks and trails that you can go on where you may end up in a cave or a secret inner forest lake where you can take a swim or do a spot of diving into its clear waters.

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Most Popular National Parks in Vietnam  



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