Must See Attractions while Enjoying a Vietnam Road Trip


Driving around Vietnam enables the visitor to explore the country void of the hindrance of typical tour schedules. The many attractions found throughout Vietnam include National Heritage Sites, cultural and religious history in addition to spectacular scenery.

Vietnam Road TripTran Quoc Pagoda

This stunning location lies on a peninsula along the eastern side of West Lake. Tran Quoc boasts a history spanning over 1,500 years. Tributaries of the lake surround the entire complex. The pagoda remains the main attraction here and has an iconic stupa rising 11 stories toward the sky at a height of 15 meters. Each story contains a vaulted window that displays a gemstone statue of Amitabha. On top of the stupa stands a giant lotus that spans another nine stories in height. Tran Quoc also offers a museum filled with antiques dating back thousands of years.

Halong Bay

Situated approximately 170 kilometers away from Hanoi and close to the border of China, this amazing location remains one of the top Vietnamese attractions. Here, visitors find a mystical bay boasting over 1,500 limestone and vegetation covered islands. Some islands serve as home to ancient fishing villages while others feature caves ripe for exploration. Locals provide boat tours of the islands, making stops at specific locations along the way.

Bach Ma National Park

The scenic park lies in the heart of the country along Highway 1A, approximately 40 kilometers from Hue City. The park spans over 37,000 hectares and remains a popular destination for hiking, camping, abseiling and rock climbing. The forests here grow over 500 species of plants commonly used in cultural medicine. The picturesque landscape includes evergreen covered mountains separated by valleys and grasslands. Wildlife species residing here include the unique Sao La, an unusual antelope found only in Vietnam. A bird watcher’s paradise, the park has habitats that accommodate over 350 bird species. Adventures found in Bach Ma include the chance to abseil down the Do Quyen Falls.

Hoi An Old Town

The seaside community of Hoi An had humble beginnings as a trading post during the 1500s. As the town evolved, architecture adopted styles from the East and the West. Considered a living museum by many, points of interest here include traveling through the streets while viewing everything from Chinese temples and French colonial houses to Japanese bridges, pagodas and historic houses along with a series of old canals.

Cu Chi Tunnels 

Found beneath the streets of Ho Chi Minh, the tunnels served as an underground headquarters for Viet Cong soldiers during the war with the French. Visitors have the opportunity to meander through the tunnels, which extend for 120 kilometers, while learning about how the unique system served the military. Constructed during 1948, the Cu Chi Tunnels now house a historic museum.

Dong Tam Snake Farm 

The snake farm developed 12 kilometers from My Tho City, in the Tien Giang Province. Dong Tam remains the largest facility of its kind in Vietnam and serves as a habitat for hundreds of venomous snakes representing over 50 different species. Staff members here collect venom from the snakes for making anti-venom medications used in the country and around the world. The farm encompasses 12 hectares and includes simulated wilderness habitats. Tours around the facility include an explanation of the snakes, venom extraction demonstrations. Other areas of the farm house a large variety of animals that include crocodiles, ostriches, sheep and tigers.

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