The Best Beaches in Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the most up-and-coming travel destinations in the world, offering unique foods, art, culture, and beautiful scenery. But what you might not know is that Vietnam has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world—about 3400 km worth of coastline and white sand. Read on for the top 5 beaches to squeeze into your Vietnam itinerary.

1.Mui Ne

A mere three hours from Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne Beach still feels like a world away. A sleepy strip of restaurants and hotels catering to beachcombers lines the sand, but the town maintains its reputation as one of the best-kept secrets in Vietnam. Friendly to travelers on all budgets, Mui Ne is justifiably renowned for its kite and wind-surfing opportunities. For local flair, its authentic fishing village attracts more intrepid sightseers. Mui Ne’s reputation has spread throughout Southeast Asia, so grab a cabana here before the secret gets out.


Arguably Vietnam’s most famous stretch of sand, Nha Trang brings visitors back time and again for its vibrant social scene, water recreation, and five-star amenities. Nha Trang is home to Rainbow Divers, which is a PADI-certified dive center, and leads reef and underwater cave exploration trips. Above the water, pool and beach-side bars allow divers to swap stories, while luxurious resorts such as the EvasonAna Mandara and Six Senses Spa roll out the red carpet for their guests. With an amusement park, shopping complex, and a plethora of entertainment just a hop away, Nha Trang’s attractions extend far past its pearly beach.


Da Nang Beach

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Danang Beach and nearby My Khe Beach are framed by peaceful coconut palms and natural pines, belying their pasts as battle sites. In fact, My Khe Beach (known to expatriates as “China Beach”) once served as a recreation center for U.S. soldiers. That past has long been buried beneath the sand, however, and replaced by a tradition of surfing and scuba diving. Perched on Danang, Furama Resort remains one of Vietnam’s top luxury resorts, and draws sold out crowds every year to its stretch of private beach and five-star service.

4.Bai Sao

The trick to reaching Bai Sao beach is to visit the triangular Phu Quoc Island in the Gulf of Thailand. Bai Sao is one of the more isolated beaches of the island’s southwest coast, but its pristine and unsullied charms more than reward the extra effort to get there. Just ask a local! Be sure to try some of Phu Quoc’s famous fermented fish sauce before you go, too.

5.Lan Ha Bay

Vietnam’s world-famous Halong Bay archipelago doesn’t seem like the best spot for beach side indulgence, with its steep limestone cliffs that rise out of the ocean. However, just a short boat ride away lays Lan Ha Bay, a little jewel in an otherwise beach less coastline. Quiet and lined with multiple tiny beaches (many of which seem almost undiscovered), Lan Ha Bay is best explored by kayak. Find one to call your own for the day, and cement another magical Vietnam journey into memory.

While Vietnam is undoubtedly beautiful and has much in the way of food, culture, and art, there can be complications due to weather and other factors out of your control. To ensure you don’t lose money on a canceled vacation, be sure to get comprehensive cruise insurance. Now start planning!