Top 5 Ways To Chill Out In Your Holiday Hotel Room


One of the best holiday feelings should be when you arrive at your holiday hotel and find your room is exactly what you wanted!

Hotel rooms become our home when we are on holiday – and having a comfy bed, a lovely view , a nice clean bathroom and enough hanging space – oh, and satellite TV – can really make us feel relaxed and confident that we are going to enjoy our holiday.

Here’s how to leave work or uni behind and really relax in your hotel room before hitting the sundeck.

  • You are going to be tired and possibly dehydrated once you arrive at your hotel room, so make sure you have a bottle of water with you – and also a travel kettle if your room does not provide this. It may be tempting to strip off and head off to the pool, but once you have relaxed and rehydrated, you will be feeling much more in the holiday mood – and remember dehydration can cloud your thinking, so always drink if you feel dizzy or confused in hot weather.
  • Check where the fire exit s when you first arrive – this is crucial and remember you may have to find it again in the dark in an emergency so make sure you know the route.
  • When you have relaxed a little after the journey, take a shower or a bath, slip on a bathrobe and chill for a short while.
  • Send for room service – if you are hungry and tired, setting off to find solid nourishment at your resort can make things worse – order a light meal such as an omelette in your room when you arrive and eat at a leisurely pace on the balcony while you relax from the journey.
  • Have a snooze – when you arrive on holiday, staying in your room can seem like a waste of time. But if you are tired or stressed, going out immediately may mean you end up losing your wallet, falling asleep in the sun and getting burned – or even having a holiday accident because you are tired and trip or slip on a wet surface or steps. Set the travel alarm and powernap on your hotel bed to prepare you for the rest of the day or evening.

Take some time out to read or simply relax on the balcony with a cup of tea or a drink in the early evening – doing absolutely nothing can be a joy on holiday and help you unwind from work or college, even if you feel you should be living it large. The human brain needs lots of R&R (which is what sleep is all about) to remain healthy and help us regulate our moods, so plan winding down time on your hotel balcony in your bathrobe with a drink and a stunning sunset whenever possible.

At the same time your hotel room can become your prison. If you are taken ill with a holiday food poisoning illness you may have to stay in your hotel room with sickness for days, even weeks.

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Top 5 Ways To Chill Out In Your Holiday Hotel Room  


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