Travel to Vietnam as a volunteer to work in an orphanage


Economically, Vietnam is not among the richest or among the poorest countries in the world. But one thing is undeniable. When you get to know more about the country, you will discover that it needs a helping hand in many different areas. And by helping hand, it means volunteer Vietnam who can work without expecting any compensation in return. If you are interested to be a volunteer Vietnam, there are different areas where you can contribute your help.

Volunteer in Vietnam OrphanageAmong the areas which needed a helping hand is in caring for Vietnam’s orphans and street children. Most of the homes for orphans and street children in Vietnam are not government funded. They are run by private organizations that also rely on donations and volunteers. If you have money to spare, you can donate it to them to help them finance their operation. But you can donate your time as a volunteer. Being a volunteer Vietnam in a home for orphans or street children will give you an opportunity to work closely with less fortunate children. These are children who are lacking in material and emotional support from parents. It may be hard to earn their trust but once they already trust you, it will be easier to develop a closer relationship with them. These children thirst for love and affection and if you can let them feel that they are loved, you will surely win their heart. Aside from providing emotional support to children, your helping hand will also be needed in assisting staff run these homes like in preparing food for the children and assisting them prepare for school among others.

Another area where volunteer Vietnam is needed is in English teaching program. English is a business language in Vietnam. If you have a skill in written and conversational English, you have a bigger chance of being hired for a better work.  Sadly, the poor who needed a better job the most have no access to a reputable school where they can better learn English. That is why volunteer organizations are helping in this aspect by sending volunteers in Vietnam to help assist teachers in teaching English to primary and secondary students. Who can better teach children about English than someone who has English as their native tongue?

There is also the area of community development. It is a popular program in Vietnam because many volunteer Vietnam would like to participate in a nationwide goal to promote sustainable development in poor communities. And promoting sustainable development is one of the main goals of community development programs. Volunteer Vietnam involved in this program can participate in different projects for the community and the people living in it.

By participating in any of the programs as a volunteer Vietnam, you are already lending a helping hand for the country. And your help together with the help of other volunteers can help provide a positive impact on the needy, poor, destitute, and unfortunate people in Vietnam.

If you like to lend a hand in Vietnam, there are various organizations where you can sign up for your preferred volunteer work and one of them is Volunteering Solutions.