Trieu Khuc Village Festival


Trieu Khuc Village Festival

Time: From the 10th to the 12th day of first lunar month.
Place: Trieu Khuc Hamlet, Tan Trieu Commune, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi.
Objects of worship: Bo Cai Royal Highest Phung Hung – a founder of village, member of Vu family who taught the villagers how to make embroidery.
Characteristics: Dragon dance, flag dance.

The festival is organized at the Communal House. There are two communal houses in the village: Sac Communal House is the place keep the royal honour – conferring diploma; Lon (big) Communal House (main communal house), where worship to the village’s tutelary god: Phung Hung (in the 8th century). Trieu Khuc Village famous for making handicrafts such as: embroidering and sewing worshipping objects. Family name of Vu is the founder of  the embroidery. The festival involves the sacrifices – offering ceremony, a procession of  royal mantle of Phung Hung King from Sac Communal House return to Lon Communal House.

It also involves dragon dance, unicorn dance, bong dance, flag running review troops, popular opera performance to describe the tale of Phung Hung King chosen talent people to the army. Games: wrestling, swinging.



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