Vietnam a country of spectacular scenic beauty and charm


Travel to Asia has become a great appeal to visitors from all corners of world. In recent times Vietnam has emerged as a popular tourist destination among globetrotters. It is one of the most beautiful countries of South Asia which has achieved several milestones in recent times like lifting of restriction, government reforms, opening of borders which make it a popular tourist destination of Asia thronged by large number of travellers. Make a plan and book low fare flights tickets for holidays in Vietnam a country which is glittering with spectacular scenic beauty, the warmth of people, historical marvels, ornate Confucian temples, splendid French colonial architecture etc which makes it a great country of contrasts and contrast means a greater variety of travel experience that satisfies even the most discrete travellers.

image002Hanoi is the capital and second largest city of country located on the right bank of Red River is among the major attractions of Vietnam. Throughout its thousand years eventful history which is marked by wars, destruction and natural calamities, the city has never lost its charm and still among the most sought after tourist destinations. If you are a culture vulture, then Hanoi has so much to offer. The city has well preserved its 1000 year old history and traditions along with lush and verdant parks as well as beautiful locations that will quite simply keep you busy for days on your holiday trip. So start your trip with the most famous attractions of city.

Hanoi Old Quarter:- Located nearby Hoan Kiem Lake in Hoan Kiem district, Old Quarter is among the major attractions of city. Packed with charming colonial architecture, Buddhist temples and pagodas it is city’s major commercial district. Once the guild street of silversmiths, now home to travel agencies, elegant café houses and tombstone carvers , it is a maze of 36 streets between Hanoi’s famed Hoan Kiem Lake which has more than 1000 year old history and is still going strong. Old Quarter is also famous for its shopping, dining and nightlife. When other parts of Hanoi might quiet down at night, the Old Quarter is the place where night owls head to. Live music, discos, pubs, bars as well as decent karaoke joints are the norm here. The place is also a shopper’s delight and houses artistic products around the country. It is a must visit for art lovers and history buffs.

Vietnam Women’s Museum:- It is an unexpected gem of city and is a recently renovated institution that examines Vietnam through the lens of its female population like their war efforts, participation in struggle, marriage customs, traditional dresses etc. Pair it with a visit to the Museum of Ethnology and enjoy the whole trip.

Hanoi Opera House:- Built in 1911 by then ruling French , the Hanoi Opera House is a phenomenal piece of neo-classical French architecture featuring Gothic themes. It is the biggest theatre in the country that speaks in volumes about its historical and cultural evidences of Vietnam. Visitors will be entertained in this historical landmark featuring a range of events including local Vietnamese Opera, traditional folk music, ballets along with many international events.

Temple of Literature:- The Temple of Literature is often cited as one of Hanoi’s most popular and picturesque tourist attraction. It was originally built as a university in 1070 which is dedicated to Confucius scholars and sages. This historical site is a ranked as one of Hanoi’s most important cultural places and is steeped in Vietnamese history. So why wait, just catch low fare flights to Hanoi and visit these historic sites that offer you glimpses of rich cultural heritage of country.

Night Markets:-One thing that you just can’t afford to miss in Hanoi is its night markets. Visit the Old Quarter, Hang Giay and Hang Dao streets which seem like an infinite line of illuminated orange stalls on every Friday and Saturday night. The festive atmosphere, color and vibrancy of these markets are just infectious. Visit them once and the memory of them remains with you forever.