Vietnam travel attractions and tourism


Most people love to visit Vietnam as many lovely attractions are located at that place. People, who are nature lovers, would have a wonderful time spending here. It stretches over 1600 km along the eastern coast, (i.e.) the peninsula of Indo-China. Because of its land mass, it is larger than Italy and smaller that Japan, this place is full of earthly assortments and even massive attractiveness.

If you are planning for visiting abroad, then this place is worth seeing. Vietnam not only offers historical experiences but also invites you to see the place’s charms.

Here are the best attractions of Vietnam:

Thien Mu pagodaHue (Thien Mu pagoda):- This is area located in northern side of the central Vietnam. This is incorporated in the north Quang Tri place and to the south places namely Da Nang and Quang Nam, bordering Hai Van Pass.

It is the tallest pagoda in Vietnam, overlooking the river Perfume and is treated as the private sign of the imperial capital previously. This temple was constructed during the Nguyen Lord’s rule in the year 1601.

Ha Long Bay: – The dictionary meaning of this name is “where the dragon down to the sea”. This is as one of the tourist attractions, as this place comprises of around 3000 islands. Visitors can enjoy by exploring, swimming along with their family. You find rocks spread all over in different sizes.

It became the most world  amazing site that is upheld by also has dense rainforest flora, creating a remarkable panorama of limestone posts. With support to the fisher men at that place, you can find huge caves associated with many islands that are hollow and some include lakes.

River Perfume: – It was named aft the first flower of the autumn fell in to the river spreading the perfume around the river. The attractions you can see beside this river are Thien Mu pagoda.

Hoa Lu: – This is royal complex that is ancient, situated to the south of Hanoi that has got turned into tourist attraction. It has drastically transformed from a lethargic village into one of the tourist spot. Tam Coc, lime Stones Mountains were used to connect many million years ago.

The exciting part is that the boat voyages on the rice fields to the three peaks through the caves is not to be missed. There is a bell tower, which is noticeable in the anterior. This building is dedicated to Vietnam hero by name King Dinh and King Le, who belonged to 10th Century.

Mekong Delta (Mekong River):-This is located in southern Vietnam, where the river Mekong joins into the sea. This is covered with rice fields and gives a rich picture that contributes half of the Vietnam’s farmed output that is the reason; it is even popular as “Rice Belt of Vietnam”. This could be the best attraction for people who come from cities to relax by having fresh vegetables and variety of fruits.

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