Where Are The Best Bars And Clubs In London


If you are a visitor to London, you may probably need to take a break and have a fun time in the various nightspots within the city. Places such as Soho, Calpham, Camden and even Shoreditch are areas where you can be certain to find some of the most exciting entertainment spots. You can also maximize on your time by going for a London pub crawl, through which you can get to have a lot of fun with peers. Here are some of the most fascinating clubbing venues you can visit if you are in London.

Corsica studios

Corsica Studios is somewhat small, but it’s a good place to have some fun because of the great music and superb interior. If you want a club that is inviting, intimate, and conveniently located, then this is the ideal place for you .You can be sure to have a great experience on your visit to this establishment, and the good thing about it is that it’s very easily accessible from central London thus you do not have to worry about transport issues.


Gramophone is just the right club to go to if you want to get a real taste of elegance and class. The venue has a bar and restaurant, which are well laid out and tastefully designed. It hosts live comedy every Tuesday, and during the other days of the week, there are live music events held in the premises. Thus, you can always be sure to get something going whichever day you opt to visit. It’s the kind of bar that you can get to have so much fun you will not want to leave.

The white House

If you do not mind much about prices, this is the kind of bar you can go to. However despite the fact that the club is large, it’s always full by midnight thus if you intend to go to the place, it’s best that you set out early. The place has a roof terrace where you can enjoy a cool breeze during the night, while the interior has a minimalist design with quite a lot of mirrors. It’s the kind of club where you can get to dance to music played by international DJs, and you can be sure to have a great time regardless of its costliness.

Ministry of sound

If you like the idea of a large dance floor and a huge sound system, you can be confident to get this at Ministry of Sound. The club plays superb music and has a very welcoming and creatively designed interior. It’s also the place you can get to mingle with an interesting crowd, and just let go. Besides, you can also attend student nights London at this venue, and in the process take advantage of price cuts on drinks.

If you want to have a really good time in a night, you can opt to go for a Shoreditch pub crawl and get entertained in different spots –Shoreditch bars are among the best in London. All in all, nightlife in London is very exciting, but if you want to have the best experience, it’s best to plan early.

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Where Are The Best Bars And Clubs In London  


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